Listicle Body Copy

Before you write your body copy, start by listing each item you want to include. This list should: 

  • Have the same number of items as promised in the title.
  • Consistently relate to your main topic.

Once you’re happy with your list, each item can become an <H2>. Ideally, you’ll number each header. Numbers help readers keep track of their progress through the article and entices them to finish reading. 

Bonus tip: Headers aren’t the only way you can recycle your outline. Once it’s polished, you can also use it to create a super shareable infographic to promote your post. 

Once you’ve laid out your list headers, build out each section with: 

  • A supporting image (an illustration, photo, infographic, or even a video could work here)
  • Essential details about each item
  • Links to additional content if they want to learn more. 

Include all the best, most relevant, and most exciting information for each section, but make sure each section of your list is only as long as it needs to be, not longer.

Author: naaa_support